Welcome 2016!

I have so many new goals this year. More than can fit on my chalk board in my studio space. 

But even that list is pretty lengthy.  It includes making a picture book dummy, several illustration projects, working on a couple of graphic novel style pages, and revising another painting I finished at end of 2014.

Unlisted items include posting here more often, picture posting to Tumblr, and posting in the Facebook page.

I've created a new gallery for the 100 paintings challenge I've taken on. While technically the first seven paintings in there currently I started in 2015, I did finish them here in the beginning of 2016. The gallery is in the sidebar to the right. 

Sometimes it seems mildly useless to me to post so often since I don't really advertise any of these pages that much. Overall, I'm unknown and not really taking huge steps towards changing that. Since the biggest goal I have in mind this year is to just create art, I guess that is okay for now.

However you stumbled across my page, I hope you enjoy what you see and say hello if you like. 


Fall Foliage Update!

For October in New England: Fall Foliage Season!

Exciting goals from this month included:

- Painting my favorite overlook spot and posting the results here. 

- Finishing sketches for the book I am working on.

- Applying to a mentor-ship.

So... what happened?

+ I'm not really liking my overlook paintings and so have not shared them anywhere.

+ Sketches did not get finished like I had intended. Getting cold feet about the idea.

+ Without the sketches done cold feet turned into solid blocks of ice. 

Well... I think it was Thomas Edison who said he knew hundreds of ways not to make a light bulb.  I will simply try other things.