Daily Artists 2015 Show!

Friday was the opening night of the annual show for the Daily Artists group. myself and 44 other artists participated and the art was incredible! 

My two large butterfly paintings were on display and I was pleased to see them pop in the gallery lighting. Responses were very encouraging and discussion with fellow artists was inspiring. Overall, a fantastic night!

Leah Perlongo in front of her two works for the Daily Artists 2015 Show

Here is what I wrote to go with my pieces:

Leah Perlongo
Sunapee, NH

Originally from Colorado, I’ve always enjoyed all kinds of art. For a decade I went to school for graphic design, computer animation, and even welding.

One year, my husband gifted me with all the supplies for an art studio; including three types of paints, easel, drawing table, and canvases.

Not long after I attended an oil painting workshop in 2013, we moved from Georgia to New Hampshire. New to the area and looking for art community, Artistree and the Daily Artists group was a good incentive to paint regularly. 
I also joined figure drawing groups to practice, relax, and be around other artists.

I painted a butterflies at night scene, but I wanted to do it better. For all of 2015 I studied the pieces of my painting. I observed how clouds look according to time of day and weather conditions. I watched the fazes of the moon and how the night sky changes in color and brightness. I drew and painted landscapes during the day, and designed moonlit night scenes. For two months I focused on drawing and painting butterflies.

2015 has been a fantastic year of growing, learning, chasing art opportunities, and professional development. I look forward to the new adventures in 2016!

You can follow me on Flickr (leahperlongo), Facebook (Leah Perlongo Art), or my website (www.LeahPerlongo.com)

The display runs through February 6th at Artistree Gallery in Pomfret, VT. 



Welcome 2016!

I have so many new goals this year. More than can fit on my chalk board in my studio space. 

But even that list is pretty lengthy.  It includes making a picture book dummy, several illustration projects, working on a couple of graphic novel style pages, and revising another painting I finished at end of 2014.

Unlisted items include posting here more often, picture posting to Tumblr, and posting in the Facebook page.

I've created a new gallery for the 100 paintings challenge I've taken on. While technically the first seven paintings in there currently I started in 2015, I did finish them here in the beginning of 2016. The gallery is in the sidebar to the right. 

Sometimes it seems mildly useless to me to post so often since I don't really advertise any of these pages that much. Overall, I'm unknown and not really taking huge steps towards changing that. Since the biggest goal I have in mind this year is to just create art, I guess that is okay for now.

However you stumbled across my page, I hope you enjoy what you see and say hello if you like. 


Picture Book Idea Month!

For writers, Novermber is novel writing month. The challenge is to write a certain number of words a day and by the end of the month you'll have a first draft of a novel!

As I am interested in children's books, I discovered PIBoIDMo!


The challenge is to have one picture book idea a day for a month. Fantastic! 

I already have a few and so far the guest posts are fantastic jump starts for ways to come up with ideas for picture books.

After last month I realize everything good takes time, and I am just starting out on this children's illustration journey. I'll keep getting on the bicycle and try to learn from others as well.  

Another great resource I found for the journey is http://willterry.blogspot.com/ 

Will Terry shares his experience in the business of illustration and the changes to the industry over the last couple of decades. 

I am looking forward to all the exciting things happening this month and hope I can pick a focus and maintain. :)


Fall Foliage Update!

For October in New England: Fall Foliage Season!

Exciting goals from this month included:

- Painting my favorite overlook spot and posting the results here. 

- Finishing sketches for the book I am working on.

- Applying to a mentor-ship.

So... what happened?

+ I'm not really liking my overlook paintings and so have not shared them anywhere.

+ Sketches did not get finished like I had intended. Getting cold feet about the idea.

+ Without the sketches done cold feet turned into solid blocks of ice. 

Well... I think it was Thomas Edison who said he knew hundreds of ways not to make a light bulb.  I will simply try other things.